Using Earth's Ancient Wisdom for
Guidance and Holistic Understanding


Geomancy Readings

Do you want to know what Geomancy is and the messages the Rune Stones bring?

Geomancy is complete divination by Earth in a holistic sense, viewing how the physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual elements of our life fit together. By casting Runes onto this glorious Medicine Wheel Cloth, helps make future decisions for we can see our main issues and all its connections through identifying the key stones and patterning in witness of how life is unfolding. 

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Why would you make your own Shamanic Tools?

The reason to make your own Shamanic Tools is because your hands, intentions, emotions and Spirit come together in Soul Craft generating an intimate connection on all levels of your being.

This enhances the flow of shared love between your higher self, tools  and physicality that shines forth to generate healing. 

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Shamanic Healing

Do you want to know more about Shamanic Healing?

Using sound and intention, connects us to our own place of power which allows profound healing to occur.

The healing that I share comes from Spirit and I channel information I receive in a way that respects my client’s individuality. The Spiritual Tools I use also work in their own way; to facilitate a healing the Higher Self deems necessary.

I get out of the way of Spirit so the Soul does its own healing.

Shamanic Healing and what it can do for you…

My Services

Geomancy Readings

My Unique form of Geomancy is using Earths Ancient Keepers of Wisdom (stones) for Guidance and Holistic Understanding by reading the casts made on a medicine wheel rune cloth.

Shamanic Healing

By using sound, connect us to our own place of power which allows profound healing to occur.


Are you feeling slow, sluggish and jaded or overwrought and frantic? Did you know that drumming can help with both?


My Healing goals are to step out of the way and let the Spirit of Healing shine through me.

Earth Lodge

Earth Lodge is a great start for the whole experience of creating your own shamanic tools with the intention of personal and spiritual development.

Upcoming Events

27 November 2021

Shamanic Drum Workshop, Whyalla

10:00 am - 4:30 pm
14 Forsyth Street, Whyalla, SA 5600, 14 Forsyth Street
Whyalla, South Australia 5600 Australia

SHAMANIC DRUM WORKSHOP You will spend the best part of a day making YOUR OWN Shamanic Drum and personalizing your own beater – the female and male aspects of the […]

11 December 2021

Shamanic Drum Workshop, Sellicks Beach

10:00 am - 5:00 pm
4 Samarra Drive Sellicks Beach SA,

Lisa amongst her drums in her happy place come close to Sellicks Beach to make your own drum You will spend the best part of a day making YOUR OWN […]

A Unique Style of Geomancy

Do you want to know what Geomancy is and the messages the stones bring?

My system of Geomancy is a technique of reading the subtle energies of the Earth for the purpose of divination. It was in 1987 when I started to embroider a rune cloth and name the stones for the completely different style of “Geomancy” that I designed and perfected.

"Her healing was both wonderful and strengthening"

Lisa Drury’s Geomancy Readings provided me great emotional solace regarding the grief I experienced over the tragic death of my daughter and clarity in dealing with the confusion of my son’s circumstances. She provided personal hope, support and strength in my despair. Her healing was both wonderful and strengthening. May I endorse her work as a healer.
Sheradeen Callaghan

Latest Workshops

I am so humbled by the beautiful energy we all shared. I fell in love with every single drum we made yesterday. Each individual, each special in their own right and each will make unique sound waves and vibrations capable of healing all over the surface and through to the core of Gaia – our mother earth.

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